About Us

Incredible customer service

one of our major goals

Have you noticed that many companies try hard to improve their customer service, but many don’t quite pull it off? CWPA is one company that prides itself on its exceptional customer service, and many customers have responded with their agreement that CWPA indeed puts customers first and goes above and beyond their expectations.  CWPA’s customer service supports the customer past the sale of the product and more. CWPA focuses on the best possible customer service that encourages customers to return over, and over again.

  • The foremost goal is to provide an unexpected, uncommon and personalized approach to meeting a company’s unique office product needs.
  • To help companies become more “office efficient”—help them organize, simplify, and automate the ordering process.
  • To be a single-source provider for all office supplies—eliminate needs to price shop, search for stock, etc.
  • To proactively search for areas of savings.
  • To provide fair, competitive and steady pricing—reducing bait & switch techniques and price fluctuations.
  • To provide fast delivery straight to the doorstep and ensure the customer never runs out of essential supplies.
  • To address requests or concerns on a same-day basis.


Our mission is to dedicate ourselves to providing superior office supplies, solutions, and value-added services.  We aim to help our customers reduce their office supply expenses; to eliminate the need for them to deal with multiple vendors or stores; to address last-minute and unique requests; and to simplify and streamline their ordering processes. We help give customers back time and convenience. Our target is to be the single-source provider for a customer’s every business-related need.


In terms of office-related supplies and services we want to analyze how we may be able to help our clients save money, and how to be more efficient during the workday. We have the flexibility to help with customized requests and address a company’s specific needs, personally.

Affordability & Value:

We take pride in delivering big box store selection and top-notch services with price tags that won’t break the bank. And the high-quality private label brands we also provide stretch office budgets even further.

We’ll Spoil You with Our Customer Service:

Any office supply store can ship you a box of product, but we take it many steps further by partnering with you and addressing what’s especially important to your firm. We personally service your account – something not everyone does.


Dianne and Bob Paulson have lived in Spring TX, outside of the Houston area, since 1980. In 1990 an opportunity arose to provide printer supplies to local and state government agencies, and they founded Computer Wholesale Products of America, Inc. (CWPA).  Several years later as the company continued to expand, they were joined by their two daughters.  Their oldest daughter, Michelle Kalkhoff, still works with the firm.  Our family continues to build great business relationships with customers nationwide, and CWPA, Inc. has become a trusted, honest and reliable source for our clients. When you call, you will be talking to us. When we know what you need and when you need it, and then top it off with speedy delivery, we consider it par for the course and a job well done!

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