What kind of office do you work in?

Considering the multitude of business types and services that exist, the many kinds of offices we work in are almost too many to count. Which one is yours?

Home Offices

So—are you one of those people who works in a home office and can live wherever you want, not dependent on going into “the office” daily. Or maybe you do go to “the office” occasionally, but the bulk of your work is done at home and that home office is very important to you. Your home office is where you spend your working life and it needs to be comfortable and efficient—a place you enjoy going to.


Efficient and effective workspaces can reduce stress, increase your focus on your work, and save you time. Recently there’s been a big emphasis on how a well-designed workspace can eliminate eye strain, headaches and muscular strain (neck, back, and leg problems). There are special ergonomic products that do all of this – this about the new sit-to-stand options as an example.


And, to make your working space comfortable and pleasing, consider a quality desk, matching bookshelves and file cabinets, comfortable office chairs— including upholstered office chairs, recliner desk chairs, rolling chairs, swivel desk chairs, and computer desk chairs. You’ll also need tables, lamps and all else that makes for a welcoming home office.

Collaborative Offices

Does your working life take place in a collaborative office with lots of people around who compete for your attention? Do you hold lots of meetings and collaborative activities? Are you involved in project teams that develop innovative new ideas, processes and products? The office type calls for a work environment that is open—one that has meeting places, technical equipment and the digital tools necessary for imaginative work and learning. And, you need an environment that stimulates the imagination.


Well-designed workspaces can provide all of this. You can have a modern, stream-lined, colorful office that produces a feeling of comfort and ease for your employees—a place they enjoy working in and that inspires creativity. Or, you could have a more traditional office space that suits your product/service and the creative work environment you seek.


And, for the sake of your employees’ health and happiness, try ergonomic products that focus on making the worker healthy, comfortable, safe and happy by enabling them to eliminate strain from awkward working positions and environmental pollutants in the workplace.

Corporate Offices

Corporate headquarters serve as the place where strategic planning takes place with executives who make important decisions for the business. Do you work in this type of office? Maybe you are the CEO or supervise corporate communications, marketing, finance, human resources, or operations. Whatever your responsibility, you need an office that reflects the significance of those responsibilities and offers the privacy needed to plan and establish corporate policies and services.


A well-designed office reflects the corporation’s image, activities, the needs of the executives working in the space, and provides the right environment for clients. Appropriate desks, chairs, bookshelves, tables, filing systems, and conference areas are a significant part of the well-designed office you want. These, along with the latest ergonomic products can create the perfect office.


CWPA has all the products for creating the well-planned, comfortable and efficient office that you need. Contact us at 1 (800) 421-0315 for more information.


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