What are the office supplies every business needs?

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    First of all, you need furniture—furniture that provides the setting and functionality that make your office run smoothly. You need a way to keep organized. The old cliché that says that you need “a place for everything and everything in its place” makes a lot of
    sense. Not only do you need the typical desks and file cabinets, but you may need meeting-room furniture, lunchroom furniture, and waiting room furniture, among other possibilities.

  • Organizational supplies

    Not only do you need desks, chairs, tables, file cabinets, shelves, lamps, etc., but you need organizational supplies to place inside the desks and file cabinets. You need file folders, regular folders, binders, tape, staplers, staple pullers, rubber bands, push pins, thumb tacks, paper clips, scissors, and a multitude of other organizational supplies to keep you and your firm in order, all for you to be able to develop those  places for everything.” How much time do you need to loose when you have to look for something you’ve misplaced in order to recognize that organization creates effectiveness.

  • Writing supplies

    You need pens, pencils, pencil sharpeners, highlighters, markers, erasers, chalk, chalkboards, whiteboards, and paper (lots of paper) to do much of the important work of note keeping and creative brainstorming that businesses require. You need sticky notes, notepads, and notebooks to jot down the important information you get while on the phone or in a meeting and to keep track of the inspiration that comes to mind while in the middle of another task.

  • Stationary and printed materials

    Every business needs company stationery, business cards, and multiple other business forms (such as invoices). You also need other printed materials such as promotional and advertising materials, and envelopes of all types and sizes. Having all this available and on hand makes your life easier and run more smoothly.

  • Calendars and planners

    For the sake of your sanity, you need a great way to keep track of all the complicated comings and goings in your business. While having a calendar on your phone or computer works for you, it just might not work for your employees. A tangible, visible calendar on the wall may help resolve this problem by keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on. It can remind everyone in the office of deadlines, appointments, and notes about what need being done.

  • Printers, copiers and supplies

    You can’t survive today without printers, copiers, scanners and all the supplies that go with them. You need not only the best quality ink and toner cartridges, but lots of paper to print-out all the necessary letters, forms, charts, maps, and various other types of documents—both for you and for your clients—that your business needs.

  • Technological devices

    Technology has made it possible to do remarkable things in a small amount of time, and it also has made it impossible to do business without the technological devices every business uses. Not only does the use of these devices make it easier and faster to do business, but they make it possible to get the edge over many competitors that don’t have the latest possibilities. These include powerful mobile phones, computers, and wireless routers. You can do many things without them, but few of us would give them up, considering their importance to today’s business world.

  • Software and apps

    Software and apps make up many of the support items necessary to do business and take care of things like doing invoices, scheduling appointments, maintaining a website, tracking customers, keeping up blogs, and managing schedules and office procedures. All of these items make doing business more effective and fulfilling in the sense that you, the entrepreneur, can relax a bit and enjoy the trip.

  • Media devices and supplies

    Your business may include the use of televisions in your office and the use of cameras and other screening and presentation devices. CDs and DVDs are ways of keeping records and documents and do presentations. And you may be lucky enough to get a peak at the news occasionally while relaxing in the lunch room.

  • Signage, photos, and artwork

    For that congenial atmosphere, try decorations that uplift, inspire, and give yourself, your clients, and your employees a good feeling when they come to your workplace. Everyone wants to hang out and work in a place that’s pleasant and makes them comfortable. Consider photos, artwork, and signs that make the workplace a desirable place to be.

  • Catering and lunch room supplies

    Your lunch room and catering supplies need as much attention in keeping an organized office as do all the others already mentioned. You need all the eating and drinking supplies such as paper dishes, cups, and eating utensils. You also need trays, and other supplies for serving foods for meetings, and special events like open houses and holiday parties. All of these events make for a congenial atmosphere and encourage office collaboration and friendship in the working environment.


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