Why Not Take an Ergonomic Approach to Your Business and Make the Workplace Fit the Person?

Ergonomic products focus on making the worker healthy, comfortable, safe and happy by enabling the worker to eliminate strain from awkward working positions and environmental pollutants from workplaces. Some of the problems ergonomic products eliminate are eye strain; headaches; neck, back, leg and muscular strain; and environmental dangers from temperature extremes and bad indoor air quality. All of these problems lead to poor productivity and poor profitability for the business.


Here are some of the products on the market currently:


Ergo glare filters reduce glare, reflection and brightness that cause eye strain when sitting long hours at the computer with eyes having to adjust too much to the screen’s illumination. This also causes headaches which may not be recognized as resulting from eye strain.


Ergo task lights avoid shadows as they illuminate documents. Proper illumination will result in decreased eye strain and headaches.


Ergo monitor risers allow the computer screen to be at the correct height, preventing a problem called vulture neck which can lead to chronic shoulder and neck pain. They also help eliminate eye strain by positioning monitor screens at or just-below eye level, allowing the worker to read the screen without bending his/her head or neck down or back.


Ergo standing desks let workers position their work surface to themselves by allowing vertical height adjustment to match their height. And, they can alternate between sitting and standing positions during their workday. This will help eliminate neck, back, and arm/wrist pains caused by constant repetitious movement from sitting and working in a static position.


Ergo keyboard trays let arms and wrists work at the right angle and distance in order to prevent strain from repetitious movement when typing. Keyboard trays position the keyboard and mouse lower and closer to the worker, letting him/her keep their forearms parallel to the floor and elbows at approximately a 90-degree angle.


Ergo wrist supports protect the wrists from strain from repetitive motions like typing and operating the mouse. Typing and data entry activities for long hours a day can cause long-term pain for wrists, including carpal tunnel syndrome. Extra-padded wrist supports for the keyboard and mouse can extend the worker’s ability to keep up with the work.


Ergo office-chair back rests provide support to the lumbar and minimize back strain. Back pain is one of the most common complaints of office workers, and most long-term back pain can be attributed to poor posture while sitting at work.


Ergo temperature-control footrests let the worker control the temperature in the workspace. Extreme temperatures lead to less productivity as the body reacts to uncomfortable situations.


Ergo air purifiers remove allergens and pollutants from the workspace that may lead to absenteeism from sickness or downtime in the office. Poor indoor air quality has become a major concern lately as stats reflect its effect on workers.

It’s been shown that businesses that consider and act on possibilities for bettering their workers’ health, comfort, safety, and peace of mind come out ahead. These businesses not only increase the morale of their employees, but they also increase the profitability of their businesses.


Conclusion: Productivity and profitability result when workers are happy, comfortable, safe and healthy.


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