Are Ergonomics Holding You Back?

Ergonomics – Good for Your Back and Your Business

Many businesses rely on workers spending most of their days in front of computers. Although this isn’t as physically taxing as manual labor, it has its own set of stresses and strains. Backaches, sore wrists and hands, and headaches can all impact a company’s productivity by causing workers to slow down and even miss days.

Ergonomics is one solution. Ergonomics refers to the ability to provide the body with the support it needs to function efficiently. You might have heard of ergonomic shoes that can boost an athlete’s performance. Ergonomics for the office can boost employee productivity.

Here are some symptoms that your business might be facing and their solutions:


Backaches and back soreness are some of the most common complaints found in offices. It’s hard to sit and focus if you’re in pain. To reduce the chances of back problems, there are several things to consider. Chairs should provide good lumbar support. They should be adjustable so that workers can sit at the proper height and angle to reduce back and neck strain. Employees should try to practice good posture and take periodic breaks to relieve stress on the spine and muscles. Also consider footrests or other amenities that can help workers keep correct posture and increase comfort as they work.

Repetitive Motion Stress

Like backaches, wrist and hand soreness are all too common in workplaces. Repetitive motion such as computer use can have a cumulative toll on employees. Ergonomic keyboards can help reduce the strain. Likewise, wrist support can hold the forearms and hands in positions to minimize repetitive stress injuries. Desks should have enough space that keyboards can be at a comfortable placement for use.


Lighting is an often overlooked area, but headaches and eyestrain from computer glare and inadequate lighting in offices can reduce productivity. Consider installing anti-glare screens on computers. Natural lighting from windows and skylights can improve general lighting. Ensure that there is adequate task lighting as well as general lighting for employees to work comfortably.

Indoor Air Pollution

You might not have considered air quality as part of your office’s health, but it’s important. Air flow and air quality can reduce absences from illnesses and allergies that can bog down workers and even keep them home. A quality air purifier reduces allergens and smells. Even clients will subconsciously have a better impression, and workers will be more productive.

If you’d like to find out more ways that you can create a healthier, more productive work environment, contact CWPA. We have years of experience helping businesses large and small make the more of their office space.

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