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Posts by Michelle Kalkhoff

Should I Stock Up?

School Office Supplies .

What’s a Supply Chain and how does it affect your business supplies? As a business owner, you expect fluctuations in your daily, monthly, and yearly business and even build them into your plan. But sometimes there are things outside your control that can have lasting impacts on your daily operations. If it seems like those…

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What Office Furniture is Right for You?

Office Equipment Desk

If you’re planning on purchasing new office furniture, it’s always tempting to consider the ‘look’ you want first. You might be thinking of the style, color or mood you want to set. While those things are all important to your office, they should actually be some of the last decisions you make. Let’s look at…

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Are Ergonomics Holding You Back?

Contemporary Coworking Office Interior

Ergonomics – Good for Your Back and Your Business Many businesses rely on workers spending most of their days in front of computers. Although this isn’t as physically taxing as manual labor, it has its own set of stresses and strains. Backaches, sore wrists and hands, and headaches can all impact a company’s productivity by…

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Get the Most for Your Office Equipment

Elevated View Of A Busy Open Plan Office

When you’re getting ready to invest in office equipment, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. You have so many options available that it might be hard to pick what’s right for your business. In today’s post, let’s cut through some of the confusion and talk about things you should be looking…

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One Key to Streamline Your Business

Simplify Reminder

Does your company’s business week include something  like this? Your office is running low on paper. The toner light just came on for the printer. An employee is absent again from chronic back aches or headaches. You realize that you’re out of paper towels in the break room and tissues in the reception area. Dealing…

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Plan Your Office Space Like a Pro

Interior Of Busy Modern Open Plan Office

You might have a new business, or you might be changing your current office. Whatever the reason, you’ll likely have the same question. How can you plan your office space so that it works well for yourself, you employees and your clients? Here are some things to keep in mind. What’s Your Business? The kind…

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