What Office Furniture is Right for You?

If you’re planning on purchasing new office furniture, it’s always tempting to consider the ‘look’ you want first. You might be thinking of the style, color or mood you want to set. While those things are all important to your office, they should actually be some of the last decisions you make. Let’s look at a few questions you should ask yourself when picking out your office furniture.

How is My Office Space Used?

Desk Set – Your office space may be made up of mostly individual desks, and most daily work may be done sitting for long hours with a computer. If this is the case, proper ergonomics are vital to your business. Look for chairs that are comfortable, supportive, and adjustable to prevent back issues. Use ergonomic keyboards for wrist and hand support and anti-glare features on computers to combat eye strain. You might also consider the new trend of adjustable or standing desks to allow for healthier posture.

Active Office – Your office may be more on their feet. Are larger tables a necessity for your work? Do you regularly have meetings or conference sessions? Or perhaps you need surfaces for production. Look for tables that are the right height for the job. Adjustable legs and table tops can often mean the difference between productivity and a shortened work day due to strain.

Welcoming Reception – If your office space has a reception area, you should consider not only the comfort of the receptionist but also the comfort of waiting clients. The seating you choose, as well as side tables and amenities can set the mood for their time spent with you.

What are Your Office Essentials?

Since your business is unique from all others, think about what essentials you use every day. Do you need space for printer stands and cabinets? Are larger desks helpful to keep the phones, computers and other supplies easily at hand? If your office does any kind of production work, what supplies do you need to have within reach, and what is the best shelving or cabinet solution to hold them?

Think Behind the Scenes

Don’t forget the break room. If your office has a break room, make it a comfortable space for your employees, as well as a space where they can collaborate over a cup of coffee. A welcoming space for downtime can often help productivity in the office.

Storage should be a consideration in any office space. Determine what your needs are for your business. You may have filing cabinets back rooms that hold important information. Or that information may be digital, and you instead need space for production materials.

You should also ask yourself how much room you need for every day office supplies like paper, extra ink, even pens and staples.  If you find yourself running thin on space, consider an office supply service like CWPA. We can quickly get any needed supplies to you. Instead of using your precious square footage for office supplies, you can use it more productively for your business.

What kind of storage do you need? If you don’t have much, a dedicated contact can help get you what you need when you need it. What kind of break area and supplies do you need?

Aesthetics – Finally!

And now it’s finally time for the first thing you thought of. What do you want your office space to look like? Is there a color scheme, mood, or ambiance you’d like your space to project? Creating a vision board can often help consolidate your ideas. It can also be valuable to bring in a professional who has the training to understand office efficiency and ergonomics as well as aesthetics. They will have access to a wide variety of options and can help you bring your vision to life.

If you’d like more advice on creating a productive, healthy and appealing work environment, contact CWPA today. We have years of experience helping businesses just like yours.

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