Plan Your Office Space Like a Pro

You might have a new business, or you might be changing your current office. Whatever the reason, you’ll likely have the same question. How can you plan your office space so that it works well for yourself, you employees and your clients? Here are some things to keep in mind.

What’s Your Business?

The kind of business you own is the number one determining factor for creating a workable space. There really is no one size fits all. Is your business creative and dynamic? Are you often collaborating and spend little time at individual desks? Or is your business one that needs the privacy of personal workspaces and cubicles. Do you handle manufacturing or goods? Asking these kinds of questions can help you envision the space you need.

Keeping Company

A second question to ask yourself is how many people you expect in your office space on a regular basis. There can be a big difference in how an office is structured depending on the number of employees or even clients who frequent the space. Are you the sole owner of the business with no employees, Do you meet with a single client or just a few at a time? Or does your business involve multiple employees and larger meetings. These will factor into space, furniture arrangement, amenities, and more.

Size Matters

How many square feet of office space do you need? Once again, it’s highly personalized. To determine how much office space your business needs, list out all the things you do as part of your business, and ask yourself how much space each task takes. Can you accomplish multiple projects in one area or do you need dedicated space for each? What kind of office equipment do each of these tasks take, and how much space do they require. Don’t forget to add room for storage and for expansion as your business grows.

In today’s world, your office space will be as individualized as your business. Your needs might range from corporate offices to home offices to on the go solutions. Whatever your needs, an office supply company like CWPA can help. We have years of experience with businesses of all sizes. We can help you assess your needs and find the right solutions to keep your business healthy, efficient, and growing. Contact us today!

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Michelle Kalkhoff